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Bartolini's Restaurant
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Pizza at Bartolini's? How Fun Is That?

Bartolini's Meatballs
Bartolini's made the LIST!!
Top 20 Places to Order Meatballs in America!!!

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Bobble Head Bartolini
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2013 Meatball Eating Contest

Watch us on the Travel Channel Jan 23, 2013
Best Enormous Eats - Bartolini's 10lb Meatball Sandwich
See how the 10 lb Meatball Sandwich is made, and then watch 4 Hungry Gals Try the Bartolini's Meatball Challenge on OUTRAGEOUS FOOD

Watch our 2013 Meatball Eating Contest HERE

Watch our 2012 Meatball Eating Contest HERE

Watch our 2011 Meatball Eating Contest HERE


Barto Brothers

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